The beautiful parklands at General Brock (Gary Allan) have been preserved!

On Thursday, June 17, 2010 history was made at a press conference held at the park where the City announced their agreement to purchase 10 acres of the site's greenspace.  After many years of dedicated work by the Save General Brock Parklands citizens committee, the majority of the parkland is now protected for the benefit of the people of Burlington now and for years to come!

"In the end our society will be defined not only by what we create,
but by what we refuse to destroy"
(J.C. Sawhill - President, The Nature Society)

For updates on plans for the parkland including the 6.36 acres north east portion of the property still owned by the Halton District School Board, please visit our facebook page.


After months of negotiations between the City and the Halton public and Catholic school boards, city council approved the purchase with the public board deciding to hold onto the existing building, Gary Allan High School, on 8.5 acres and the Halton Catholic board stepping in to reserve 6.36 acres for a possible future school location.

"This joyous success is the result of unfailing, long term community support, the efforts of some far-sighted and responsible members of Council and City Staff and the seven years of hard work, commitment and perseverance of The Save General Brock Parklands Committee who never lost sight of the vision to protect the valued parklands of General Brock so that current and future generations could continue to enjoy them forever"
Ken Woodruff - Chair of the Save General Brock Parklands Committee

Our committee would like to extend our appreciation to YOU, the citizens of Burlington who have shared your stories about what the General Brock parklands mean to you and why you want them preserved. It has been our honour to strive to share your voice with our city's leaders and we are extremely pleased that our perseverance and dedication has resulted in this important legacy. May all of you enjoy and appreciate the beautiful lands at General Brock for all the future years to come.

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