About the Park

  • Constructed in 1967, the General Brock High School and associated parklands are presently owned by the Halton Public Board of Education.

  • The 26 acre (10.5 hectare) property includes a school, parking and surrounding green space that has been enjoyed by residents throughout Burlington for almost 40 years.

  • The GB property serves as the most significant green space for the surrounding community.  Accessible parklands are a vital component to urban neighbourhoods to support community character and healthy lifestyles for residents.

  • Preservation of the site's parklands supports the City of Burlington's district parkland ratio. Without Brock, the Roseland District will be underserved in essential parklands! Other than two small parkettes south of Lakeshore Rd and the partially city owned parklands at Tuck School, without Brock, the area will forever be devastated of accessible open space.

  • The City's parkland map (click here) speaks volumes.  It clearly highlights the fact that the area in which Brock is located requires city dedicated parklands to serve area resident's needs now and into the future. (see south central area B/C - 9-12 for district location)
  • The loss of General Brock green space would result in community pedestrians having to cross busy streets (New Street, Walkers and Guelph Line) or drive in vehicles to access parklands for their leisure and recreation needs.

  • The Save General Brock Parkland Committee has heard your concerns loud and clear and have and will continue to share them with our city's decision makers. We recognize that as this city's population climbs and infill intensification continues, places like the General Brock parklands are more critical than ever in supporting a quality of life that Burlington residents expect and enjoy.

  • The site supports a variety of sport and leisure opportunities including: 3 soccer fields, 2 baseball diamonds, a running track and open space for a variety of individual and community activities.

  • Roseland Creek borders the west side of the property and the area is also home to more than 200 mature coniferous and deciduous trees in addition to a former tree nursery consisting of another 300 trees.

  • The area supports local wildlife with sightings of rabbits, owls, fox, raccoons, hawks and more.
  • In January, 2004 the City commissioned Philips Engineering to prepare two reports: a Building Assessment Report and a Site Reconnaissance Study. The building assessment indicated no major mechanical/electrical concerns, asbestos was identified in the building; a roof inspection was required; and some non-structural deficiencies were identified. A a cost of $600,000 (2004 dollars) was estimated to demolish the building and for general site rehabilitation.

  • The reconnaissance study confirmed the property to be currently designated as residential - low density as per the City's Official Plan.  Excerpt from report - section 4.2 Redevelopment Potential: The General Brock School lands currently has two(2) redevelopment scenarios available to it based on the existing use and current zoning of the lands.
    1. Re-use of the existing institutional use
    2. Redevelopment of the lands to single family residential R3.1 zoning.  Any other development scenario would require a rezoning or other planning process.

  • Philips Engineering report conclusions:
    1. The GB school lands are subject to potential flooding that must be addressed with any redevelopment proposal. This flooding reduces the potential redevelopment lands by 1.64 Ha from 10.58 Ha to 8.94 Ha.
    2. Storm water servicing can be accommodated with an outlet to the Roseland Creek subject to typical City of Burlington SWM criteria being reviewed. An additional easement is required for the existing storm outlet pipe at Roseland Creek.
    3. Wastewater servicing is available through the existing 250mm service from Johnston Dr.
    4. Water supply is available through the local feeder 350mm water main that runs through the entire site.
    5. The existing easements and servicing within the school lands will pose a constraint on the planning of any redevelopment of the property.
    6. The abutting road network has available existing capacity to facilitate redevelopment.

  • The existing school building has a capacity for a student body of 1,035.

  • If the site were to redevelop as single family under the current zoning, the redevelopment could facilitate up to 110 single family units. Note: important to recognize that as per the case with various other city developments, if so desired, a developer could submit application for rezoning and increase the housing capacity to the site significantly (i.e. medium density with more than 200 units)!

"By paying property taxes, school taxes and municipal taxes, the residents of south Burlington have earned the right to demand that the Brock site remain a part of their community."

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